Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Turning 27; Resolutions!!

Good evening homosapiens... Yes it has been a while since I last posted anything on this blog... More than a month to be exact... I have been preoccupied with alot of things lately and it has not been quite very pleasant if you ask me... It has been quite a painful and disheartening journey the past month :( ... but I guess its ovaries~~ (pardon me but thats the "improvised term" from "its over" used amongst us magic players... its kinda funny if u ask me)

Turned 27 this year *sigh*

Back to the main agenda!! I turned 27 recently and unlike most people out there... Im embracing my age with a warm heart... hurrah hurrah!! Lets start with things I knew about on my birthdate before we start searching the net on other interesting facts related to 28th February...


Dragonball started to air on 28th February 1986. This anime/manga franchise has been one of the earliest manga I read (of course it was in Malay) and it has brought a big impact to not only me, but the whole anime industry... Of course it was a bit mainstream and cliché but back then, but this was the awesomest of all awesome!! All I have to say is... Thank You Akira Toriyama :)

Epic Son-Goku is EPIC!!!


Another interesting fact is I share the same birthdate as... Raphael... one of the members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... Out of the four he is the most badass turtle... Unfortunately Im nowhere as cool as him tho hahaha >.< Come to think of it, how on earth does he know what date he was born... he was just a mere turtle before the mutation process... oh what the heck :p

Bring me those turtle food pallets!!


Other intersting stuff that I just looked up from the internet was...

1940 – Basketball is televised for the first time. (I bet it was in black and white... racism tsk tsk)

1959 – Discoverer 1, an American spy satellite that is the first object intended to achieve a polar orbit, is launched. It failed to achieve orbit. (It got touched by energon and pledge allegiance to Decepticons)

1991 – The first Gulf War ends (Wohoooo... World Peace dood~)

1997 – GRB 970228, a highly luminous flash of gamma rays, strikes the Earth for 80 seconds, providing early evidence that gamma-ray bursts occur well beyond the Milky Way. (I wonder what'll happen if we got showered by alpha rays instead... scary radioactive shit yall)

Lotsa meh stuffs aye?


I will most likely be carrying on with my previous resolutions back in 2011... I will strive for those resolutions that... I could not manage to achieve and at least make progress towards the long term resolutions... Yoshhaaa~~!!! For those who did not manage to follow my previous post about my 2011 resolutions, link is here

However, I do have an extra resolution this year... I wanted to lose weight to at least before Im transferred to this forsaken land Kerteh. I have been gaining alot of weight ever since and it has been very worrying hahaha... darn it... before long I would be able to practise Baika no Jutsu!! Hahaha touch wood touch wood... *knock*

Im close to becoming Chouji... maybe I should cosplay as him?


Well all in all... I would like to thank all my friends who joined the big dinner (even tho it was a disaster...). Those who wished me even tho I treated birthdays as just another ordinary day haha. Seriously, birthdays are overrated. 

It has been a very exciting age, 26. Made new valuable friends after the transfer and discovered alot of things in life Ive never thought I would experience. Faced some heartbreaks along the timeline. Life is short (I might be reaching 1/3 of my life already) hence why not live it to the max.

I guess that’s all for now. Good day freaks~

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