Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Dullest Hour

Yes, I watched it in 3D coz there aint normal once here in Kerteh

Hello peeps! During my solitary days alone in Kerteh, I decided to catch a movie in Mesra Mall. After scrolling through the internet for the latest movie, I hav decided to watch The Darkest Hour. I never wanted to watch this movie coz I thought it was some creepy ghost movie, but I figured out it was a sci-fi survival movie!! One of the genre that I like hence my expectation skyrocketed but later shot down like a dead pigeon.


The Darkest Hour is described by IMDB as....

"In Moscow, five young people lead the charge against an alien race who have attacked Earth via our power supply."

Yes thats all that is for the synopsis at the point of time I wrote this post. I'll reedit this post once there is a more detail synopsis on this movie.


Mommyyyyy, keep them away from me!!! T^T


This movie by Regency Enterprise and Summit Entertainment have given me high hopes through their somewhat promising trailer. Any sci-fi freak would fall for this since the idea is similar to a zombie outbreak survival. However, unfortunately I found myself yawning throughout the movie constantly glancing at my phone looking for the time for the movie to end.

I have to admit that the concept of the invasion is quite interesting and I did enjoy probably the first 20 minutes of the movie where they stayed in the room for days and surviving (with a dead body!!!!). But as the movie move on and touched on the technicality part, it becomes questionable to curious minds... not in a good way. Fighting against something you cant see was not as hard as it seems like in Stephen King's The Mists for this movie. And to top that, the CGI for when the ET is visible is so bad it looks abit... cartoonish. x_x

I wish the ET stays invisible and as cool as that forever but nooooo... you hav to spoil it

The acting too was quite normal and nothing interesting really. Having casts like Emile Hersch and Olivia Thrilby as main characters to this movie does not help. Im not really blaming the actors. Sci-fi thriller movies focuses on the storyline and build-up thrilling components that makes viewers restless. But these ETs are not that scary at all when U hav heads on where and when they are coming.

"Psst Ben, how come U get the blonde"
"What... lemme hav some fun Im gonna die later on in this movie"
"... Spolier fag!"

The only thing I liked about this movie is the refreshing skies (or destruction) of Moscow instead of your normal typical LA or NYC invasion. They called McDonalds, Макдоналд in Moscow. How could they Russianize (I just made this word up just now) an American name. Maybe we should call it McDollah here instead *cough2* back to the review.

All in all, I rarely say this but yes its coming... DONT watch this movie unless you hav nothing better to do.  This movie sucks big time I think Ud enjoy watching the trailer more. Seriously... =_=



This movie was not screened in advance for North America's critics. Maybe they are afraid of what views they might get from this crappy movie that could ruin their earnings.


Storyline - 4
Acting - 4
Cinematography - 3
Replayability - 2
Overall - 3.25

IMDB - 5.2
Rottentomatoes - 10%

I guess that’s all for now. Good day freaks~

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