Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year Resolution

New year is just around the corner!!! And you know that’s the cue for… making new year resolutions!!~~ *confetti popping*  > w <

Well before we jump into the fun of making new year resolutions, lets look back at 2011 resolutions…


this might take a while coz I kinda forgot what was mine… sigh

2011 Resolution

Resolution #1 : To start blogging

Ho ho… I started blogging now so that’s one down. Ive been wanting to blog for quite some time (okay years) now… I never read any blogs myself coz I hate reading generally, it strains my eyes @_@ But I do read some fiction novels and a few friend blog of mine… ill get back to that later in other posts… lets stay focus

Resolution #2 : To be able to play the piano by the age of 30

I always liked listening to the instrument. What? Wait. That IS a resolution. It might not be achievable by the end of 2011 but no one could actually play the piano in one year right? At least for a half-assed guy like me… heck haven’t even started to learn… its getting harder now I am in Kerteh… never thought im gonna get stucked here back in early 2011… so that’s a fail~ resolution 2 fail!!

Yoshie Nanako's Soreiyu - All her songs has very soothing piano plays 

Resolution #3 : To own and be able to ride a horse by the age of 35

Hahaha don’t judge me… it is actually achievable! Its not like I wanted a unicorn… (come to think about it thatll be cool too)
My little pony unicorn

This struck me when I was in Penang. There was a horse ride by the beach and I thought that itll be cool for me to own a horse and ride it anytime I like. It is not like im gonna keep it here or back in KL… Prolly ill just buy one from the stable in Cameron and pay the maintenance fee to keep her there with her friends (LOL it’s a female horse!!)  Its not long before that become one element in my bucket list. I wont tag this as a failure. It is still far away anyways.

Resolution #4 : To celebrate new year with a new girlfriend

So far that’s 1 success 1 fail and one… uncategorized. For this particular resolution, it is a fail however you look at it hahahaha…

No i did not cry!! wooooo~

Im carrying this resolution next year... it is kinda embarrassing to have a resolution like this mentioned in public but what the hell… no one is reading this anyways #^_^#

Final Score : 1-2-1

Before long I realized this post have become a long one… maybe ill tell about my 2012 resolution in another post XD

I guess that’s all for now. Good day freaks~

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