Saturday, January 19, 2013

use3to5drops 2013

Hey all uhmmm… I hope its not too late for me to wish you reader (s?) Happy New Year. I know, I know it has been a while since I last blogged. Lets see when was my last post hmm hmmm… OMG it was back in April!! And I thought I just left this blog for a few months. Ah yes… I left this when Diablo III came out but forgot to get back to blogging when I stopped playing. It gets boring you know, grinding day in and day out, it feels like working without any pay :(

Yes, I have been too busy fighting the forces of Diablo... and there weren't any internet connection in Tristram :(

Now now… what to talk about… Im definitely not talking about my new year resolution. (If you’re wondering none of mine last year were met, and I won’t bother making any this year). Oh yes before that let me properly apologize for not updating this blog for more than half a year. Sorry Sorry *bows down*. I’ll be sure to put in a lot more effort this year (yeah right!). Wish me luck!

This is originally Sanji thanking Zeff but what the hell... I'm sorryyyy!! XD

What’s Gonna Happen to the 2013 Blog

More movie reviews!! We are currently having a small movie club in this forsaken land and I thought to myself hey why not. We usually plan to watch a movie every Wednesday and at of my friend’s. As of today, we have yet to fail watching these movies every week and these are what we have watched so far, Memento, Shawshank Redemption, Homeless to Havard, Limitless. Expect more movie reviews from the movie club and recent movies from the theatres :)

Uhhhmmm nothing beats popcorn while watching a good movie

Magic the Gathering topics will have less posts (so saaad) since my audiences (well actually my only audience) seems to be not so interested about it. Regardless, I will still cover large events such as the recent Magic the Gathering Grand Prix Singapore. I will hopefully post my current Selesnya decklist before I explore the possibilities of the new deck post Gatecrash :)

Woohoooo!! Gideon and Aurelia... really looking forward to Gatecrash!!

Last but not least. New short stories!! I have a few ideas in my head but posts like these were the hardest. Not only they’re long (and probably boring), they also require detail planning and quality check. Aaaah… I wish I have an editor to proof read my writings. I know the quality of my work is quite low but I’m looking forward to improve. I hope this will be one of my… uhmm healthy hobbies.

Murakami... best writer ever!! Even though most of his masterpiece are gloomy and dark, but I guess it befits me most ahaks.

I guess that’s about it for the 2013 intro. I will appreciate comments on the posts and hope that you will enjoy them. Till then… jya naaa~~

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